Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Happy Baseball Birthday- Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd

Today we send out Happy Baseball Birthday! best wishes to Dennis  "Oil Can " Boyd, who's turning 62 years young.

👉Dennis Ray Boyd was born in Meridian, Mississippi, on October 6,1959, played college baseball at Jackson State University, and was drafted in the 16th round of the 1980 Big League player draft by the Boston Red Sox. 

🥫"Oil Can" made his debut for the BoSox on September 13, 1982, pitching 5 1/3 innings against the Pirates, allowing 7 hits, giving up 2 ER.

No Pink Baseball Cards for Mr. Boyd, however, the backs on his 1989 Topps cards are highlighted with pink.

⚾️My "Oil Can" Baseball Card count is currently at 27.

🇺🇲 I went to Meridian, MS, in 1985, for my Navy "Ships Serviceman" training, and that's when I learned that not only was Boyd from the small town, but it's also the birthplace of the beautiful Sela Ward.

🎬 Sela Ward first caught my eye in Nothing In Common, w/ Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason.


👀 Make sure you visit our friend, Collecting Cutch, and his annual October posts to raise awareness to the deadly disease that is Breast Cancer.

🎁 Here's hoping that Dennis is having a terrific Birthday today. 

Hope ya'll are having a magnificent week,  thanks for stopping by ye Olde Baseball. 

Play BALL!  ⚾️

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