Friday, January 11, 2019

Collecting Players Born on February 19th

The other day I came across an awesome post from Chris at THE COLLECTOR, on how he collects cards of player born on his Happy Baseball Birthday!

🎂🎁 Among the players he found out share his August 12th Birthday are Julio Arias, Zack Cozart, Ray Schalk, HOF tennis player Pete Sampras, and former Indiana Pacers great George McIness.

⚾️ I had never thought about adding a PC of ballplayers born on my Birthday, but I do have cards of Dave Stewart, the former Athletics pitcher who won 168 games in the big leagues.

When it comes to my Birthday, the one person that I always knew shared the greatest Happy Birthday! ever, it was Malorie Keating, a.k.a. the only reason I watched the TV show Family Ties.

📺 Besides the beautiful and multi- talented Justine Bateman, I also share February 19th with the great Smokey Robinson and actor Jeff Daniels, who also happens to be a Tigers fan.

OK, back to baseball cards.

When I saw that pitcher Daniel Mengden of the Athletics was also born on the same day as me, it just so happened that it was the same day that I saw that the handle bar mustachioed pitcher was part of this week's Topps Living Set, and bingo, I knew it was ment to be.

Other big leaguers sharing February 19th with us are Dick Siebert, Russ Nixon, Chris Zachary, Tim Burke, and Josh Reddick.

For sure now I'll be collecting at least one of every base card that Megden has, and, hopefully, a nice relic or autographed card, or two.

Enjoy your weekend of card collecting... PLAY BALL!


  1. I'm thrilled that you wrote a post about players (and celebs) that share your birthday. That Mengden card is fantastic. Dave Stewart was a heck of a pitcher in the late 80s-early 90s. It seemed like he was pitching in every World Series I watched as a young baseball fan.

    1. I probably had that Stewart card for years before I realized that I had it..
      He was well into his dominant years with the A's, then one day I'm going through old cards and...hey, is that the same guy?
      Collecting is fun.

  2. Finding new ways to collect keeps our hobby fresh and interesting. Nice pair of A's. Loved Stew's consistency. He's definitely a fan favorite in the East Bay.

  3. For some reason I can't comment on my still says I'm UNKNOWN...ITS FRUSTRATING!
    Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate you guys.


  4. I would be collecting Mike Piazza, Frank White, and Andrelton Simmons if I collected my baseball birthday guys.