Wednesday, January 16, 2019

My Mailbox... Yeah Boyd!

My favorite Topps Living Set card came in the mail on Saturday.

Two weeks ago when Topps released the 3 weekly cards to the set, I couldn't believe that Matt Boyd was included.

That's not because he's not a worthy player (of course he is), but it was a week that I left him off my list to win the Topps Living Stats contest over on Twitter.

That's happened to me a few times, including when I thought Topps would release a Willie McCovey card, which they did, but several weeks later.

Another surprise to followers of the TLS was that there still hasn't been a card of Ty Cobb or Al Kaline, two Hall of Fame Tigers players, so seeing a Boyd card was a surprise for sure.

I suspect that Boyd getting a card may have something to do with is missionary work in Uganda.

My goal to own one of every Matt Boyd card in a Detroit Tigers uniform is now one step closer to completion.

I'd also like to take time to thank Topps for getting my card to me pretty quickly after I placed my order.

You know the old saying, you can't get enough of a good a preview of an upcoming post on my latest card show finds.

                              #yeahboyd #BoydsForever

 Until next time, PLAY Ball! 🐯⚾️


  1. Never heard of this contest. Lol. Guess I should explore Twitter more often. One of these days I'll break down and buy a TLS card. If and when I do... it'll probably be the Henderson or Gwynn (when the make a card for him).

  2. I know next to nothing about the TLS cards, but it is kind of surprising to hear that they haven't done a Ty Cobb card yet, especially given how long they've now been around.

    1. Many people are perplexed by that. It'll happen one day.