Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cardboard Chaos...It's Down to Four

The awesome power of  baseball card collectors and fans of baseball in general has hit Twitter with the bracket challenge Cardboard Chaos, and after nearly three weeks of fierce competition fans have chosen their four favorite baseball card sets.

Card collectors have tweeted out and voted for cards from their childhood, cards that changed the hobby, cards that came with bubble gum, were included in packs of cigarettes, boxes of cereal, cards that came with a Grand Slam Breakfast, and cards that came on the sides of boxes of cup cakes...heck, they even voted for their favorite cards of the last two Presidents of the United States. 

Using the hashtag #CardboardChaos the voting has come down to one weekend of collectors votes...

                                                  1952 Topps Baseball 


                                                    1956 Topps Baseball 


                                                     1965 Topps Baseball 


 1989 Upper Deck Baseball 

The man behind this phenomenon is Kevin, who has run #CardboardChaos on his Twitter page Cards From The Attic.

Baseball fans and collectors were also rewarded for their participation, with prize packs of old baseball cards for spreading the word about the contest...the more you took part, re-tweeted posts, voted, and interactively took part, the better your chance to win a great package of cards.

I even got into the fun, and created a Day game vs Night games poll after seeing these delicious treats at the store.

The night games won, with a few write in votes for the "double header!"

Saturday night the semifinals will commence...if you haven't yet come across all the fun, well, it's not to late...it's gonna be lots of fun...and there's most certainly more prizes to be had.

If you're on Twitter and love baseball cards, come join all the fun and excitement!

Play #CardboardChaos !!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trying To Be Better

Today I ran across this post from Julie of A Cracked Bat.

That post gave me pause to think about how I've failed at being a good blogger, and it's something I need to change.

The main problem that I have is my health, a very detrimental thing in my life, and that detriment at times causes problems with the blog.

Officially this is post number 898...but I have started and failed to finish hundreds of posts, for many reasons, mainly from my arthritis.

So many times I've received packages from bloggers, and because I was to ill to post that day, I set the package aside...sometimes for days...and then when I'd try to post about it, I had to stop again....and again.

I should've worked through it, but I didn't, and to all those who were affected, I truly apologize to you all.

So many times I've written a post to talk about a baseball topic of the day, a Happy Baseball Birthday! , baseball cards my wife bought me, a trade that I made, or something I won on Twitter, only to have to stop because of my arthritis.

I'm hoping for a much better effort on my part in 2018.

Speaking of birthdays, a belated #HappyBaseballBirthday goes out to James of BDJ6010's Topps Baseball Card Blog.

In Julie's post I mentioned that I had made exactly one trade on Twitter. .

...that 2014 Topps Miguel Cabrera Black Border card was traded to me by Jenny of Jenny's Card Collecting.

This Miguel Sano card went her way...

...I actually pulled the Sano card from a retail pack my wife picked up for me, although it took a few days for me to realize I has a SP card...

...can you imagine...a Tigers fan trading with a Twins fan...amazing!

Give Jenny's blog a follow, and, if you're on Twitter, give her a follow there as well.

Well, that's it for now...until next time... PLAY BALL! ⚾️

Monday, March 5, 2018

Justin Verlander Named 2018 Astros Opening Day Starter

Justin Verlander may be gone from my Detroit Tigers, but I still follow all the news surrounding JV.

So, of course, when I saw that A.J. Hunch, the Houston Astros Manager, named JV as the 2018 Opening Day starter, well, of course, a big smile came across my face.

JV will be making his 10th start on Opening Day as a big league pitcher, the first 9 of those coming wearing the Olde English D.

I knew, of course, that JV would get the nod to start the Astros season, after all, it was the trade from my Tigers to Houston that was the final piece of the World Series puzzle to bring the first big league title to the city known as H-town.

As for JV and baseball cards, I've already set my sights on 2018 Topps cards.

P.S...this is post number 899 since I started the blog in 2010...I'm not sure what to write about for post 900, but I need to make it a good one...anyway...

...Congrats JV... PLAY BALL! ⚾️