Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Ray Fosse, 1947-2021

Former All-Star catcher Ray Fosse passed away on Thursday night, losing his 16 year battle with cancer. 

💚 Fosse was one of the catchers of my youth, first with the Cleveland Indians, and then with the Oakland Athletics, where he was a member of back to back World Series Championships, in 1973 & 1974. 

Fosse, the Indians first found draft pick in 1965, finished up his career in Milwaukee, in 1979, having caught 889 games, with a fielding percentage of 985.

Ray was a terrific broadcaster, doing Oakland games since 1986.

Rest in Peace, Ray Fosse, give Bill Freehan a big hug from all of us. 🙏


  1. The wrong end of one of the more famous plays in baseball.

  2. Rose won the battle but Ray won the hearts of Americans forever as a champion of class. Pete is disgraced, Ray’s loved. As. 11 yo little league catcher myself in 1970 I had a much bigger kid do a Pete Rose on me. I held the ball and after a few somersaults into the backstop I was OK. Although I was and still are a Yankee fan. I was sick after Rose speared Ray. The all star game was as big of a deal as the WS back then. RIP Ray you are a great champion of humanity.