Thursday, October 14, 2021

Card Corner- Ranking the Detroit Tigers Project 70 Cards

It's a love, don't love relationship when it comes to Topps Project 70 Cards, just as it was with the Project 2020 cards last year.

0️⃣ In 2022, not one Detroit player was represented, even thought there was certainly plenty of "Iconic" cards of Tigers players to choose from.

🔵🟠 I humbly submit my rankings of the Tigers players featured so far in Project 70.

1) Tyrus Cobb, by Lauren Taylor.

🏆 This is the latest card released of the great Cobb, and as soon as I saw it, it vaulted to #1 for me.

Lauren has blended all that is great about the HOFer, including the most famous slide into 3rd Base of All-Time. 

The detail, that famous Cobb signature, is why Lauren is easily one of my favorite Project 70 artists.

2) Miguel Cabrera,  by Blake Jamieson. 

5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣  I couldn't wait for 3rd party via eBay, so this was a direct from Topps purchase. 

Using the 1973 Topps design for this card was a terrific choice... MIGGY, DETROIT TIGERS,  and using the 1st Baseman logo that was used on one of my favorite sets of baseball cards.

It's all things Miggy 500th HR! 

3) Akil Baddoo, by Tyson Beck.

What's NOT to like about a baseball card of the exciting Baddoo, and those colorful Tigers stripes make the card jump out at you.

4) Ty Cobb, by JK 5.

🐯⚾️This is a very cool card of the "Genius in Spikes."

🍑 Notice the nod to "The Georgia Peach." on Cobbs right uniform sleeve.

This card is wild, and I love it! 

5) Al Kaline, by POSE.

Mr. TIGER was the first of the Tigers to be featured in Project 70.

The art is a blend of three different Kaline cards, with the old Tigers logo from the early 1960s. 

6)  Ty Cobb,  by POSE.

This was the first art card of Cobb in the series, a colorful, complex look at a very complex player.

🐯 The old time Olde English D  ballcap  that Tyrus wore is terrific. 


*️⃣ This isn't part of Project 70, but it's a "Stadium Series" issue by EFDOT.

I wanted to include this card, as it's one of my favorite cards of 2021.

That awesome Tiger of my youth, with the great ballpark of my youth, all front and center, with retired Tigers numbers, makes this such an special card.

🗒  Well, that's it, that's my list.

Maybe we can get a Blog Bat Around going...what kind of list can you put together of the Project 70 cards of your favorite team, or player?

👉 Enjoy tonight's NLDS Game 5, Dodgers @ Giants, it should be a great baseball game.

Play BALL! ⚾️💙💜💚💗

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  1. I'd move the Kaline up to 4, but other than that I think you did a good job with these rankings.

    I'm not familiar with Project 70, so I'll see what TCDB has on it.