Friday, November 16, 2012

Sad day in baseball

There is no joy in Mudville...the Twinkie has struck out.

Today it was announced that Hostess, the makers of Twinkies, Cupcakes, Fruit Pies, and....Baseballs, is going out of business.

Read the story here.

Every spring, around the time for baseball season to begin, I'd always by some of the baseballs, sometimes an entire box, to celebrate opening day.

Baseballs were delicious cream filled cake treats that had the vanilla icing formed in the shape of baseball's, complete with the red icing stitches.

Back in the day Hostess even produced collectible baseball cards for kids.

So today I will go out into the streets, in search of one more box of baseballs, savoring each tasty cake, like, well, it's the last baseball to be found.

Mighty Hostess has struck out.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's a famous day in baseball history

Thanks to Kevin Kaduk of Big League Stew/Yahoo Sports for his article today on a historic baseball anniversary.

126 years ago today, Nov. 15th, 1886, the first ever big league baseball trade was made, between the Cincinnati Red Stockings and the St. Louis Browns.

As I've said many times, you never know when you'll learn something new about the great game of baseball.

Thanks to Mr. Kaduk, I learned something new today about baseball.

Read his story here.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

More BBA Awards...and I don't agree

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance  has revealed the complete list for it's 2012 big league baseball season awards/

Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers finished 1st in the American League voting for the Walter Johnson Award, as the league's best pitcher.

Verlander also finished 1st in 2011.

In the National League, New York Mets knuckle baller R.A. Dickey is the choice of the BBA writers.

Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrell and Fernando Rodney, of the Tampa Bay Rays, were chosen for the annual Goose Gossage Award, for top reliever in their respective leagues.

The Willie Mays Award, the BBA's Rookie of the Year, went to the Washington Nationals Bryce Harper in the N.L., and Mike Trout, of the L A Angels of Anaheim, in the A.L.

Yesterday the BBA released the voting for the Stan Musial Award, for league MVP's in the American and National League.

In the N.L. the Mays Award goes to catcher Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants.

Here's where I got mad.

In the A.L., the BBA Members chose Trout, over the Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera.

Look, the writers are allowed to vote for the players they believe should win each award, I get that, but the Musial vote by the BBA is more proof that the majority of baseball fans are becoming dumb...SABRmetrics dumb.

Cabrera was the best player in baseball in 2012.

If your a baseball fan, and you voted for Trout, then you have your head buried so far into the SABRmetrics numbers that I suggest you must never watch a single baseball game.

Cabrera's Triple Crown season, in which the Tigers 3rd baseman led the American League in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in, was the first Triple Crown in 45 years....45 years!

I like Mike Trout, he was a fantastic player in 2012, and he's the clear choice as my A.L. ROY, my pick for the BBA's Mays Award.

That doesn't, however, mean he deserves to be awarded as the best player in baseball.

I suggest bloggers stop watching just the baseball highlights on ESPN, MLB Network, or on the Internet.

They should actually try watching baseball games, learn the game's a damn book, and understand how baseball is's been pretty much the same game for a hundred years, or so.

Play Ball!!