Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Baseball Birthday...Bill Freehan

Today is Bill Freehan's 72nd birthday.

My baseball hero played 15 big league seasons for my Detroit Tigers, collecting 1,591 base hits and 200 home runs.

There was no better catcher in baseball in the 1960s than Freehan, who won five consecutive Gold Gloves,1965-1969, and retired with a MLB record .993 fielding percentage. 

Happy Birthday to the greatest catcher to ever wear the Old English D, William Ashley Freehan.

Go Tigers!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to all the great baseball fans everywhere.

May you and your families be blessed this Holiday Season.

God Bless.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

No cheaters please on my team

Former Detroit Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta has signed a free agent contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.


I don't want Peralta on my team.

4 years, $52 million dollar contract for a cheater.

MLB says they have the toughest drug testing in sports.

Peralta served a 50 game suspension for using something illegal, PEDs, HGH, whatever it was, in 2013, as a member of the Detroit Tigers.

Peralta served just suspension, played in the playoffs, and is now rewarded with $52 million dollars.

Where's the punishment for Peralta?

Who's the idiot now, Peralta for cheating baseball and the Tigers, or MLB and the Cardinals, for allowing a cheater to get $52 million bucks?

I also don't want the Tigers signing any players that have been suspended, and that includes power hitting Texas Ranger OF/DH Nelson Cruz.

I dont want Cruz hitting one steroid HR while wearing the Old English D.

There is no reason, none, including trying to win a championship, for any team to sign any steroid using baseball players.

I'd rather have my team, the Detroit Tigers, be an average to above average team that plays the game
the right way than win a World Series using steroids cheaters.

There are absolutely no more excuses for baseball owners to sign cheaters anymore.

Baseball is our National Pastime, and steroids, and cheaters don't belong in our great game.

In my opinion, any player busted for any steroid, HGH, blood doping, etcetera, should never play in the big leagues again.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adios Sweet Prince

The Detroit Tigers have traded first baseman Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers.

In return the Rangers will send second baseman Ian Kinsler to Detroit.

As stunned and excited I was two years ago when the Tigers signed Fielder to a massive nine year, $215 million dollar contract, I'm also equally not surprised by this move.

I always want what's best for my team, and I know Ian Kinsler can play.

I'm assuming the Tigers will put rookie Nick Castellanos at third base, move MVP Miguel Cabrera back at first base, and go after a free agent outfielder like Carlos Beltran.

I hear on social media that the Tigers have made this move for two reasons.

First, the Tigers weren't happy with Prince Fielder's non-hitting in the playoffs the past two years, including his lack of emotion after Detroit's loss to Boston in the American League Championship Series.

Second, the Tigers will save around $76 million dollars, which will be headed into the bank accounts of Cabrera, Max Scherzer, and Justin Verlander.

Goodnight Sweet Prince, we hardly knew you.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Babe in Boston.

This is a cool piece of art, Babe Ruth with some lumber in a Red Sox uniform.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Nuke LaLoosh

Love Bull Durham and Nuke LaLoosh.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

This week we honor our 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

This Friday marks the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

President Kennedy was quite an athlete,  and he enjoyed all sports as a young man, including baseball.

I'll be posting as much as I can this week on President Kennedy and his relationship with our National Pastime.

Play Ball!


President John F. Kennedy throws out the first pitch , 4/10/1961, @ Grffith Stadium,  Home of the Washington Senators.

Baltimore Orioles...60 years.

Just came across this on Twitter, released by the Baltimore Orioles.

60th Anniversary Patch.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day 2013

As a former U.S. Navy Ships Serviceman, and the son, of a son, of a Sailor, I say thanks to all those,  past, and present, who served our great country as members of the Armed Forces.

My Grandfather(WW II), and my Dad were in the US Navy, my Uncle Bob and Uncle John were US Marines, and my Uncle Paul served in the US Army in Vietnam.

Currently my Nephew,  Bobby, is serving in the Army in Japan.

To all Service Men and Women I say Thank You FOR YOUR SERVICE!

God Bless our Troops.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

1960s Detroit Tigers Power

Saw this picture today, posted by a baseball fan on my Facebook timeline.

The Tigers had some pretty good teams in the early 1960s, led by future Hall of Fame right fielder Al Kaline, #6, on the left.

Kaline is pictured with power hitters Ricky Colovito, #7,  and Norm Cash, #25.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brad Ausmus to be named new Manager of the Detroit Tigers

Despite having never managed in the big leagues, former Tigers catcher Brad Ausmus will be named the new manager in Detroit.

Several reports have stated that Ausmus, a former Gold Glove catcher, will replace Jim Leyland, who resigned following the Tigers loss to Boston in the American League Championship Series.

Ausmus played for the Tigers in 1996, 1999-2000.

Ausmus last played in 2010 for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ausmus, highly regarded in baseball circles, did manage team Israel in this years World Baseball Classic.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween Baseball Birthday...David Delucci

Today we say Happy Halloween Baseball Birthday to former big leaguer David Dellucci.

Dellucci was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 10th round in 1995.

David had a nice big league career, batting .256 with 101 HRs and 398 RBIs.

Dellucci was a member of the 2001 World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks.

We had many choices for today's birthdays.

Our staff...that's me...decided to honor Dellucci, not just because he played baseball, but also because he happens to be married to Rachel Reynolds.

Who, you say?

Rachel Reynolds is, in my humble opinion, the #1 All-Time model on the Price is Right.

Rachel was also inducted in the Hot Baseball Wife Hall of Fame this year.

Click on the link below for her HBWHOF post...

So, Happy Birthday David.

We're pretty sure  every day is your birthday.

Play Ball!