Saturday, March 30, 2019

Baseball Card of the Day...Topps NOW Christin Stewart

Christin Stewart's 2-run HR in the top of the 10th inning on Opening Day against the Blue Jays broke a scoreless tie, as the Tigers beat Toronto, 2-0.

Stewart's first homer of the season gives us our Baseball Card of the Day, and the first Tigers Topps NOW card of the season. 

This is the best looking Topps NOW card design so far, but I think Topps has made a mistake about the $9.99 per card price, a $2.00 increase over the last time I purchased a NOW card.

I think to justify the $9.99 price, the card would have to be a major milestone, such as Miguel Cabrera's 500th HR, Justin Verlander getting his 3,000th strikeout, or Nicholas Castellanos hitting 4 HRs in a game.

Hopefully I'll be able to acquire the card via the good old Internet in about a month, or so.

Have a great weekend!

Play Ball! 🐯⚾️


  1. Topps Now cards were always $9.99 if bought directly from Topps.

    1. For some reason I thought they were $7.99, but I thinknI got them mixed up with the Living Set.