Sunday, November 29, 2020

#Freehan79 ...Happy Baseball Birthday...William Ashley Freehan

Today I send out Happy Baseball Birthday! Best Wishes to my All- Time favorite big league ballplayer, Bill Freehan, celebrating in Northern Michigan today, as he turns 79.

William Ashley Freehan was born in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday, November 29, 1941, just 9 days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Over the last 10 days I've posted articles about Bill, and talked about what he means to me.

My love of baseball, and the Detroit Tigers, was cemented by the greatest catcher in the 1960s, and in the history of the Tigers.

Many of you may not know this, but Bill is suffering from Dimentia/Alzheimer's, and is in Hospice Care at his home in the Petoskey area of Northern Michigan.

I'd ask a small favor, for those that are reading this today.

In place of part of your card budget today, I'm asking if you could take a portion of that, $11.00, and donate to Hospice of Michigan.

Hospice is helping to care for Bill, and I'm sure they could use and donations received to help aid in the care of, not just Bill, but many, many, of those that are in need of care.

Thanks to all of you who've stopped by my blog over the last 11 days, as I've posted about Bill Freehan.

I'm truly blessed to be part of such a marvelous community of baseball fans.

Have a awesome Sunday night.... Oh, and, of course...PLAY BALL! ­čÉ»⚾ 


  1. It's sad he's suffered for so long now. His family has been through a lot. Bill's the one 68 Tiger I wanted most to meet. Thanks for the link, John. I want to make a small donation.