Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Surprise Baseball Birthday

Today I had a surprise gift delivered for my 53rd birthday.

My birthday was last month, but a Pastor from my church surprised me today with a belated gift...we hadn't ran into each other until today.

Sometime last month I saw a cool 1908 Detroit Tigers ball cap, the kind Tyrus Raymond Cobb would've worn, and posted it on my Facebook page, jokingly suggesting that I would accept the cap from someone looking for a last second gift for me.

So, here it is, just in time for the start of the big league baseball season.

I never thought someone would actually by it for me.

Thanks to Pastor Eddie Hastings, from my church, Chets Creek Church, on making my day today.

The ball cap I'm now sporting, part of the Cooperstown Collection, was the cap worn by the Tigers during their first dominate American League run, from 1907-08-09.

The Tigers won three straight A. L. Pennants, the first A.L. team to do so.

The Tigers had great players like Cobb, Wahoo Sam Crawford, Boss Schmidt, George Mullins, and Wild Bill Donovan.

Thanks Eddie...Play Ball!

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