Saturday, March 9, 2013

World Baseball Classic

I must admit I haven't been much into the World Baseball Classic.


As I'm preparing this blog post, a fight, baseball style, has broken out in the Mexico-Canada game.

Twitter  is all abuzz about this fight...

Benches empty in really ugly Canada & Mexico brawl. Team Canada players may have also been hit by objects thrown from stands.

6 up, 6 down for Zambrano. And apparently there was just a brawl in Canada/Mexico game.

Looked like  Luis Cruz threw first punch in scrum. Canadian coach hit directly in face by bottle thrown from stands.

OK...back to baseball...

The world wide tournament, first played during the spring of 2006, is a showcase of just how talented baseball players are all over the world.

I am trying to become much more interested in this years WBC, and have actually been watching games all week on the MLB Network.

Team USA has already lost, a 5-2 set back last night vs. Mexico.


I'm sorry, but a big league baseball team should never lose to a team from Mexico.

Then again, team USA isn't exactly throwing the best of the best out onto the field during the WBC.

Team USA does have Jimmy Rollins, David Wright, Ryan Braun, Giancarlo Stanton, Joe Mauer, Brandon Phillips and Adam Jones.

But hey, where's Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Josh Hamilton, Prince Fielder, Andrew McCutcheon?

On the pitching side, the USA has N.L. Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey, who started and lost Game 1 last night, and Gio Gonzales, and...Jeremy Affedlt? 2011 A.L. MVP and Cy Young winner Justin Verlander, no 2011 N.L. Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw, no 2012 A.L. Cy Young winner David Price, no Nationals flame  throwing Steven Strasburg.

It's not easy trying to win when the best American players, for whatever reason, aren't playing.

Team USA will probably always fail to field a great team, because many teams just won't want their star pitchers leaving spring training camp to throw pitches for some other team.

Hey, as a Tigers fan, I really don't want Verlander anywhere near the WBC.

I don't want Verlander taxing his arm in what is really a meaningless tournament to American baseball fans.

I think the WBC is a good idea, but why play the tourney in March, as teams are preparing for the start of a brand new season?

Why not play the tourney for three weeks in November, after the World Series, after all, they do play fall baseball in Arizona, and the Caribbean World Series is also played after the World Series.

I'd rather see the Tigers continue to play spring games, continuing the process of building a pennant winning...a World Series championship baseball team.

I hope Team USA rebounds, plays better tonight and Sunday, and advances to round 2.

That said,  I'd rather see Tigers Triple Crown slugger Miguel Cabrera, playing for Team Venezuela, smashing home runs at Joker Marchant Stadium and around the Graperfruit League.

Are you watching the WBC?

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Enjoy the baseball...Play Ball!

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