Friday, March 8, 2013

Un Professional

When I saw last night's end of the Dominican Republic's win over Venezuela I saw something that made me very unhappy.

Baseball is supposed to be played by professional ball players, and not by guys like this...

For many years now I cringe at the sight of baseball players, Fernando Rodney in particular, and their disrespect for the game of baseball, and the wearing of a baseball uniform.

This is disgraceful, and MLB needs to do something about it.

Rodney is supposed to look like a professional baseball player when he enters the game, and for many years now he has decided he doesn't have to.

When Rodney was a closer for my Detroit Tigers, it made me sick to see him wear the Olde English D with his cap crooked.

Rodney didn't always wear his cap wrong, and I have no idea why he stopped, however, playing baseball is an honor, at least it is for most ball players.

Over at Big League Stew there's a nice article on Rodney's cap wearing.

Look, I'm old school when it comes to sports, and when it comes to baseball it's far more pronounced.

I believe many baseball players have to much money these days, and really don't care what they do, or how the look, because they make millions of dollars, and so what.

Baseball needs to start making the players wear their uniforms properly...the players need to look like a baseball player...a professional baseball player, and not like a clown.

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