Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tigers Card Tuesday... Blake Jamieson 1951 Al Kaline

 Today's Tigers Card Tuesday! comes from the 1951 Topps Blake Jamieson set released a few weeks back.

     1951 Topps Blake Jamieson #19 Al Kaline

At the time of the release, I couldn't get the boxes the cards came in, but I knew that singles would eventually become available, and, that's exactly how I acquired this card.

👀 When I see old school cards like this I try to imagine what it must've been like for a kid back in the 1950s, taking the few hard earned pennies in there pockets, to go get a pop, a candy bar, an a pack of baseball cards.

I also picked up the Duke Snider card, as it was available when the Kaline wasn't, and I'll for sure get a few more players.

🤔 Did you buy any boxes of the Jamieson cards?

Have you purchased any singles from the set?

Enjoy the rest of your night, and, as always, Play BALL! 🐯⚾

1 comment:

  1. Picked up the Week 2 set, because I collect Gwynn, Tatis, Ohtani, and Kershaw... plus have spots for Griffey, Acuna, Spahn, Kaline, Reggie, and Ryan in my binders.