Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Tigers Card Tuesday... 1968 Topps Willie Horton

                                Tigers Card Tuesday! 

                          1968 Topps #360, Willie Horton

Willie Horton is one of the best Tigers players of my lifetime, a man who grew up in Detroit, going to games at old Tiger Stadium, sitting in the left field bleachers, telling all his friends that one day, he to, would be playing LF for their hometown team.

                       🐯 My 1968 Topps Willie Horton🐯

Play BALL, and, Go TIGERS! 🐯⚾


  1. He also had really good two-year stretch with the Portland Beavers at the tail-end of his playing career. His numbers were still good enough that despite being 38/39 years old at the time, I don't know why he wasn't on a pro team.

  2. A great tiger. A class act guy