Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Tigers Card Tuesday...Balling Boyd

Today's Tigers Card Tuesday! is the first addition of what's probably the start of another rainbow 🌈 card chase w/ the arrival of my first Ben Baller Topps card of Matthew Boyd.

Now, I'm not going to fib, I don't really pay that much attention to this kinda Topps stuff, usually, because I simply can't afford, but I saw a Twitter post of a Miguel Cabrera super collector, thought the cards looked cool, and headed to eBay.

This Boyd card is numbered #10/50, and the thought automatically came to me that I need to  find card #48, which is Boyd's jersey number.

There seems to be plenty of cards available, so I do my best to add to the ever growing BOYD Binder.

🐯⚾ Ever wonder how the Detroit Tigers got their name?

Here's a good story on the MLB App about how the ball club became known as the Tigers.

We're down to just three days before Santa comes to visit us all.

Be safe, and, as always, Play BALL! ⚾


  1. Topps sold a Ben Baller Chrome product? Wow. I guess it's like printing money to them... so I shouldn't be surprised.