Friday, December 18, 2020

Football Card Friday... Greg Landry

This edition of Football Card Friday! is also a special Happy Birthday! post for my favorite Detroit Lions player growing up, quarterback  Greg Landry, who's 74 today. 

Greg Landry was born in Nashua, New Hampshire on December 18, 1946, played his college football at the University of Massachusetts, and was the Lions 1st round pick of the 1968 NFL Draft (11th overall).

There's a real simple reason I loved Greg Landry as a kid.

He wore #11, an obvious magical number to me, and when I saw him tossing the old pigskin around, he became my favorite member of the Lions.

👉 Greg would go on to play QB for the old Baltimore Colts, and then the Arizona Wranglers of the USFL.

Greg continued to wear that magical #11.

🤔 Did you have a favorite QB from back in the day that either played in the old USFL, or went on to play for another team?

Did you have a favorite USFL team, like my Michigan Panthers, who won the Inaugural USFL well as having the best logo in the league! 

🏈 Oh, and, FYI, the QB for the Panthers was Bobby Hebert, who, of course, wore #11.

Have a great weekend of football, and thanks for taking a minute to read my blog.

Play BALL!  🏈


  1. I may or may not have followed the USFL when I was a kid. I definitely wasn't a diehard fan. If I did root for anyone, it was probably the LA Express since I was still a Rams fan back in those days. I might have rooted for the Oakland Invaders too. The only players I know of are the big names that went on to have NFL careers like Jim Kelly, Reggie White, Herschel Walker, and Steve Young.

    1. The Panthers eventually merged into the Oakland Invaders.

  2. It's nice to see such an unconventional favorite player getting featured on the blogs.

    1. Appreciate it, and, thanks for taking time to comment.

  3. My first favorite QB was Ron Jaworski. He played ten seasons for my favorite team, then finished his career with a couple short stints elsewhere.

    Philadelphia Stars, because my father was from Philly. It wasn't a big deal though.

  4. The USFL Philly team was loaded with talent.