Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tigers Card Tuesday- 2021 Project 70 Akil Baddoo

Today's leadoff hitter for the Detroit Tigers against the Chicago White Sox, speedy outfielder Akil Baddoo, is the subject of today's Tigers Card Tuesday! 


2021 Topps Project 70 #384 Akil Baddoo ( 1990 Topps by Tyson Beck)

7️⃣0️⃣  The Project 70 cards are interesting, and they're not for everyone, but some of the cards are well done, including this Tyson Beck 1990 Topps version. 

👉 The Tigers are woefully under represented in the Project 70 Series, with just 5 cards. ( Al Kaline, Ty Cobb (2), Baddoo, and Miguel Cabrera).

👉 In last years Project 2020 Series, there were no Tigers players represented.

🐯 I'm hoping to own all the Tigers cards in the Project 70 Series, mostly, I guess, because there's so few of them, and they are, to an extent, a poor man's way of collecting art, as the cards are paintings done by each individual artist.

5️⃣ The Tigers selected the speedy outfielder in the Rule 5 Draft in December 2020, from the Minnesota Twins, and from his first appearance wearing the Olde English D, Baddoo has been special to watch.

🤔 Do you have any Project 70 Cards?

     Any Project 2020 Cards? 

Have a terrific Tuesday, and, hey, Play BALL! ⚾️

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  1. That is a nice-looking card.

    I don't own any of either sets.