Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tigers Card Tuesday... 1962 Topps Al Kaline

So, I thought I'd start sharing my collection of Detroit Tigers Baseball Cards, and since I just came up with it today, it's officially Tigers Card Tuesday!

Each Tuesday I'll go through my Tigers cards and pick one card to share here on the blog.

The 1962 Topps set is not only one of my favorite card sets of All-Time, it's considered one of Topps best.

I'll start with my 1962 Topps #470, The Sporting News American League All-Star Al Kaline. 

You can't do much better to start off Tigers Card Tuesday with the great Mr. Tiger!

Fans love the wood grain look, and I can only image those young fans running after school to the candy store for a Hershey Bar and a pack of cards.

What's your favorite 1962 Topps All-Star Card?

Thanks, as always, for stopping by the blog.

Play Ball! 🐯⚾️


  1. Great start, and good luck topping that! It's a beautiful Kaline for sure.

  2. Great card. My favorite 1962 is card #10, Bob Clemente. My brother got it for me as a Christmas gift a few years ago.

  3. I like those Sporting News cards. Great start.

  4. Love the design of these 62 A/S cards. I just wish their photographs weren't so zoomed in. As for a favorite, I don't really have one. Although I wouldn't mind adding a Kaline, Mantle, Aaron, Mays, or Spahn to my collection.

  5. Like Dennis said, great start! I too own this card, as well as a few other of the All-Stars from this set, I think the Hank Aaron might be my favorite though.