Friday, December 7, 2018

My Mailbox... #Freehan77/ Gummy Arts/ Burls Breaks

It looks like I entered My Favorite Baseball Card post in P-Town Tom's contest a little early as today's mailbox goodies included the following card...

...from the awesome Gummy Arts, who drew the special card for my hero's 77th Happy Baseball Birthday! on November 29th! 

When Gummy messaged me that he was going to send me the card that he had drawn for Bill Freehan I was overjoyed by his kindness, and I cannot thank him enough.

I've showcased Gummy's art before, including this 1968 The Sporting News Topps Bill Freehan card.

📪 As always, if you're a baseball card collector on Twitter, Gummy is a must never know what card will appear.

📪 Speaking of 1968 Topps, today's delivery also had my winning card from Burls Sports 1968 card break last week.

⚾ Tommie Sisk pitched his first 7 years in the big leagues for the Pirates, from 1962-68, compiling a 37-35 won/loss record with a good 3.69 ERA for the Buccos.

⚾ 1968 is my absolute favorite Topps Baseball card set, so I'm very happy that I won a free spot in that break.

Be sure to follow Burls Sports on Twitter and Facebook as they are always breaking sets of great old baaeball cards.

Well, that's it for this post, as it's 12:40 am and I need to get ready to watch the beautiful Gewn Stefani sing Christmas music on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a few minutes.



  1. Love all of those art cards! Congratulations on being the recipient of that awesome Freehan.

  2. I always enjoy seeing those Gummy cards on Twitter, and sure was nice of that fellow to send you that Freehan!