Wednesday, December 5, 2018

My Favorite Card of 2018...BIG John Hicks

P-Town Tom is once again hosting his favorite card of the year contest, and I automatically thought about my 2018 Topps Update Series #139 of BIG John Hicks! 

Why is this my favorite card of 2018?

Because it took 2 years and every Topps baseball card issue for BIG John to finally get his first Tigers card!

Another terrific thing about the card is that instead of a picture of BIG John batting, or playing 1st Base, Topps used a great in action photo of him wearing the tools of ignorance.

I know that Julie from the blog A Cracked Bat, a fan of a catcher in his gear, loved this card of the Goochland, Virginia native as well.

BIG John had his best season in the big leagues, playing in a career high 81 games before a groin injury ended his season in August.

What's your favorite baseball card from the past year?

If you have one, get over to the contest and submit your entry...the deadline is January 7th.

Play Ball! ⚾


  1. Nice to see BIG John get a Topps card! I think it took just as long for Topps to issue a Trevor Williams card; he finally got one in series 2. No big deal..he's only the Pirates' #2 starter ::eyeroll:

    1. Travis Wood has a card in Series 1. He never played a game for the Tigers. Be interesting to know how they decide each teams cards.

  2. I'm not usually a fan of the zoomed in action shot... but Topps did a great job with this card. Love how you can see the intensity in his eyes.

  3. BIG John? Is that his nickname or one you've just planted on him? Curious minds (mine) would like to know! My favorite player is Dan Vogelbach and I refer to him as the VOGELMONSTER, but I'm the only one who does so.
    Thanks for entering!

  4. Excellent choice! I will be including this card in a best-of post very soon, sort of.

    If you listen to the Tigers on the radio a lot, you know they are the Tools of Intelligence