Tuesday, November 23, 2021

FREEHAN80- Rating Bill's Topps Base Cards, 1964-77

In today's #Freehan80 post, I'm going to rate Bill's Topps Baseball Cards, from 1964-77.

When I was a kid I threw everything I had into baseball cards, from allowance, paper route money, baby sitting, birthday cash, Christmas, and the money I got from graduating high school.

My priorities in opening up packs were-

1️⃣ Getting that year's Bill Freehan card.

2️⃣ Getting all the Detroit Tigers cards that year. 

3️⃣ Collecting the complete Topps Set that year.

4️⃣ Collecting superstars such as Clemente, Aaron, Mays, Bench, Seaver, and Brooks Robinson, my favorite Baltimore Orioles player.

👉 I'm skipping Bill Freehan's 1963 Topps RC, #466, obviously, because it's my ultimate #1 Bill Freehan Baseball Card, as I previously posted in 2017.

Also, these a few changes since I made that post, call it a " collectors right of re-evaluation."

#14, 1977 

🦁 This card, his last, is so listed because when I got it in a pack it reminded me that my baseball hero had retired on the winter, after 15 years in the big leagues. 

#13, 1974

#12, 1976

🦁 This card always interested me, I always wondered what Tigers player hit the batting practice homer that Bill is watching.

#11, 1966

🦁 Looks like might have been using a Ty Cobb batting style bat grip.

#10, 1968

#9, 1969

🦁 '69 Topps is such a good looking card.

#8, 1964

🦁 A young Freehan looks excited to be posing in the catchers pose.

#7, 1975

🦁 The multi colored '75 Topps set were great to collect. 

#6, 1972

🦁 As a kid I saw this card and wondered why Bill was wearing a jacket under his uniform. 

#5, 1965

🦁 This is ranked fifth simply because of the card design itself.

#4. 1967

🦁 Over the last few years I've grown to like this card, using it as part of our friend Collecting Cutch and his Save Second Base posts each October. 

#3, 1971

🦁⚾️ I hadn't had this in my previous post on my favorite cards of Bill, however, the many years of card talk on social media, especially on Twitter, and my love of the '71 Topps set, has moved this awesome card skyrocketing to the 3 slot in the batting order.

#2, 1970

This is such a terrific pose of Bill during the 1969 season, as you can tell by the 100th MLB Anniversary Patch on Bill's left uniform sleeve.

#1, 1973 Topps

1️⃣ As I've mentioned previously, this card has always fascinated me, as it's the only in action card that Bill had issued by Topps.

🦁 Bill has the ball in his right hand, trying to tag out the runner...wish I'd seen this play live to know why.


Well, that's the update rankings for all of Bill's Topps base cards, 1964-77...any changes that you'd make...what's your #1 card of his?

Please comment below, and, I thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop by andctead my blog, it's much appreciated. 

Until tomorrow, have a terrific evening, and, Play BALL!🦁 ⚾️

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  1. Like the list! The first Freehan card I saw was his '76 card so I've always liked that one. But '73 is clearly my favorite.