Friday, November 19, 2021

FREEHAN 80- First Time Without Bill

Bill Freehan passed away on August 19th of this year, at age 79.

Three months to the day of my hero's passing, I begin my 11 Day Countdown to what would've been his 80th Happy Baseball Birthday! 

For the first time since he became my hero, Bill is no longer with us, something that I'm still extremely sad about, something that I'll always be sad about.

The Tigers have lost a lot over the past couple of years, starting with the passing of Mr. TIGER, Al Kaline, in April 2020, and the loss of games and fans caused by the world wide pandemic of Covid-19.

I hope you'll join me here over the next 11 days as I once again celebrate the life of Bill Freehan.



  1. HOF HOF HOF! He'll always be on of my fave Tigers. Well honestly, he probably is as far as modern day Tigers are concerned. I still love Ty. One thing I've never shared on the blog: Ty is a distant cousin on my Mom's side of the family. They are Cobbs.