Friday, October 30, 2020

Football Card Friday.... Matt Stafford

Today's the last Football Card Friday! of October, a final chance to post a pink football card to help our friend Collecting Cutch.

➡️ There's only two days left in Save Second Base posts, so make sure you head over to today's CUTCH post.

Matthew Stafford is a terrific QB, and it's certainly not been easy for Matt in his 12 years as the starting signal caller in the Motor City.

I'm by no means a Stafford super collector, but I've got a few of his cards...this is the latest in the collection.

💻 I had to take this image of the 2017 Panini Unparalleled PINK #127 of Stafford because, after looking at this card last week, it's been misplaced...that happens way to, I hate getting old. 

I'm a Stafford supporter, and I'll defend him when I have to. 

Stafford always takes responsibility when things don't go well, and he's his own worse critic when he's not playing well, but, he's the 

The Lions are notorious for making bad draft picks, but Stafford isn't one of them.

This is a very cool card. 

Searching his TCDB page today I noticed that card and I'll have to eventually find it...maybe next Saturday here in Kalamazoo at the first card show that's happened since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit.

And yes, mask wearing will be mandatory!

Have. AWESOME weekend. 


Play Ball! 🐯⚾


  1. I like Stafford. My friend's husband is a huge Lions fan, so I'll casually root for them and him when it doesn't impact my teams.

    1. Hope they play better than my Wolverines did today.