Thursday, December 12, 2019

Football Card Friday... 1963 Topps Dick "Night Train" Lane

Last week former Detroit Lions defensive back Dick "Night Train" Lane was honored as one of the top 100 players in the NFL.

Looking for today's card didn't take long after I opened up my Lions binder, as Night Train's 1963 Topps card immediately called my name!

   🏈 My 1963 Topps #32 DICK LANE 🏈

It looks like Night Train is ready to rip your head off! 

If you don't know Night Train Lane, just head over to YouTube, his highlights are easily found there.

Richard Lane was born on April 16, 1928, in Austin, Texas, played college football at West Nebraska CC.

💯 In 1952 as rookie playing with the Los Angeles Rams, Lane set a NFL record with 14 interceptions... a record that still stands!

Lane played for the Rams, the Cardinals... the Chicago Cardinals and my Detroit Lions.

Now, I didn't see Lane play football, unless one of my Uncle's had me sitting with me watching the Lions play when I was a little tyke.

Have a great football game remains, the Army/ Navy Game.

Go Navy! ⚓🏈 Beat Army! 

Play Ball! 


  1. Cool card! Looks like you've got another Philadelphia Gum in the middle of that page as well, inquiring minds want to know who it is?

    1. Mike Lucci, Lions linebacker in 60s/70s.
      Thanks for the inquiry.

  2. 14 interceptions in 12 games... as a rookie? Now that's flippin' incredible.