Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tigers Card Tuesday...1976 Topps Sporting News Ty Cobb

For the past month, or so, I've gotten back into playing baseball quizzes/trivia games on SPORCLE.

My favorite is the Hall of Fame quiz.

I start every HOF quiz by typing in all the Detroit Tigers players in the HOF, starting with the very first player elected into the HOF, Tyrus Raymond Cobb. 

My favorite card of Tyrus growing up collecting cards was the 1976 Topps #346 Sporting News All-Time ALL STARS.

The Cobb card is, easily, (in my opinion), the best of all the cards in this 10 card group of All-Time greats...look at that picture of The Georgia Peach!


The Sporting News was the go to paper for all things baseball when I was growing up, and the cards came out during the American Bicentennial, and 1976 was also the 100th Anniversary of the National League.


✅ After I type in all the Tigers HOFers in the Sporcle quiz I go to the 1800s, w/ Wee Willie Keeler, Ed Delahanty, Old Hoss Radbourn, and BIG Dan Brouthers.

Next, I go through all the HOF ballplayers elected through the 1940s, as well as any players that pop into my head, like Tinkers to Evers to Chance.

After I get through those HOFers, I go to the most recent, Roy Hallady, Mariano Rivera, etc.

I also go through all the Negro Leagues HOF players, starting w/ Detroit Stars great Turkey Stearnes.

The Sporcle quizzes are a ton of fun, especially those on the American League and National League MVP, World Series winners, all the players w/ 3,000 base hits, 500 HRs, and 300 big league victories.

Head over and play the games, and let me know how you do on the HOF quiz.

I've gotten up into the 220s (out of 260) on the HOF quiz, probably about 5 years ago, and now I'm around the 200 mark, and trying to improve.

Enjoy the baseball quizzes, and, as always, PLAY BALL! ⚾️


  1. The Sporting News All Time All Stars has to be one of the best subsets of all time. Cobb's picture would look at home in a Stadium Club set.

    1. When I saw them as a 16 year old I was completely mesmerized by that Cobb card.

      Thanks for commenting. πŸ‘

  2. I got 107. I forgot a lot of the old timers from the 60's and earlier. Some of the obvious ones that slipped my mind were Wade Boggs, Ron Santo, Goose Gossage, Johnny Bench, Carl Yastremzki, and Lou Brock. I'd hope that if I were to take this quiz again, I wouldn't leave these guys off of my list.

    1. Keep going. I'm stalled around 200-207 right now, and every time I see the names I missed I'm absolutely mad at myself.
      Good luck!