Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jack Morris and Alan Trammell Elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Today every fan of the Detroit Tigers received a early Christmas present when former pitcher Jack Morris and shortstop Alan Trammell were elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

                                      Photo from Baseball HOF and Detroit Tigers

I'm 57 years old and not too proud to say that when Jeff Idelson of the HOF read off those two names that I started to clap, cheer, and yes, cry...cry tears of joy that two men that I cheered on for three decades for my team , my  beloved Tigers, are going to Cooperstown next summer.

The two Tigers were the only  Modern Era Committe players to receive enough votes to gain election.

In early January the BBWAA will reveal their ballot for the HOF.

I'm thinking about all those great Tigers fans out there, including baseball bloggers Julie from A Cracked Bat, and Dennis of Too Many Verlanders.

I'll be posting more in the coming days, or so, on this awesome achievement by Morris and Trammell...gotta go dig out some baseball cards.

Play Ball...and GO TIGERS!


  1. Early Christmas present is right! I'm thrilled for both guys and I'm gonna say they're both deserving no matter what others may say. Tram's prior omission was especially annoying since he was so similar to another one of my favorite SS, Barry Larkin.

    Now we just need the Hall to write the wrong of Whitaker not being inducted (even if he won't be able to go in with Tram as he should).


    Dale Murphy belongs as well.