Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Baseball Birthday... Tom Stanton

Today we say Happy Baseball Birthday! to author and baseball fan Tom Stanton.

I was thrilled to have met Mr. Stanton, brief as it was, earlier this year in Kalamazoo on his Terror in the City of Champions book tour.

The book tells the story of the Motor City during the middle of the 1930s as Detroit became the Original City of Champions.

The first book that I read of Mr. Stanton's was his tribute to old Tiger Stadium, the ballpark that holds a very special place in hearts of Tigers fans of an older generation of baseball fans like me.

The Final Season is a baseball book that any fan will enjoy, and if you're a fan of the Detroit Tigers, well, it's pretty much a must read.

Mr. Stanton is the author of 5 books on our National Pastime.

As I said, my meeting with Mr. Stanton was way too short in duration, and I one day hope to meet up again one day to discuss baseball...maybe it'll be at a ball game in good ole Motown.

Happy Baseball Birthday! Mr. Stanton.... PLAY BALL! ⚾

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