Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Mailbox...Justin Verlander, Topps Living Set

My #HappyBaseballBirthday! present to myself arrived in the mail on Thursday.

   Topps Living Set #145 Justin Verlander 

This card of the 2018 American League strikeout king arrived less than a week after I placed the order, a record speed for anything I've ever ordered with Topps...I guess they knew if was my Birthday! 

When the Verlander card was released I automatically thought how beautiful a card it was, and also how so much I'd wish that it had come while he was still wearing a Detroit Tigers uniform.

I have lots of cards of JV, but this may be my 2nd favorite in my collection...its definitely my favorite of him as a Houston Astros player in the little over a year that he's had Astros cards.

This is my 7th TLS card, and my 1st Astros TLS card.

Remember, as you finish reading this, that Sunday will be the start of another contest to win a TLS card.

If you're on Twitter, follow Topps Living Stats, and when he posts the contest, nominate three players (not already chosen by another player) who you think will be the next in the TLS.

If the player you chose is in the three cards that Topps releases on Wednesday afternoon, you'll win that's great fun, and I hope you'll get involved with us.

Last week I chose Rich Hill, Dawel Lugo, and Mike Clevinger, and, as always I missed on all three.

Each week you get a keeper pick, and I'm thinking I'll keep my Michigan Man, Rich Hill.

Until next time, PLAY BALL! ⚾️


  1. Definitely a good looking card. I haven't dipped into the Living Set well yet but I'm really considering it. I like this card and I like that it shows him from the World Series via the logo on his hat.

  2. Happy Birthday! I usually go out and buy myself a birthday card too. It probably won't ever be a TLS card though... unless they drop someone like Kurt Suzuki right around the same time. But honestly... even then, I'd probably just pick him up later.

  3. HBTY - I'll pick this one up on the secondary market. It's one of the nice offerings from TLS. Justin will always be a Tiger. What a good guy he is!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope McCutchen gets in the set soon.

  5. Thanks everyone,appreciate the HB wishes.