Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Official 2016 BBBA Awards Ballot

Last month I posted my choices for the annual Baseball Bloggers Alliance post season awards.

Here's my American League post...

Here's my National League post...

Today, as a member of the BBBA , I officially entered my choices onto the computer ballot.

In both the American League and National League posts, I forgot to list my choices for the Goose Gossage Award for the best relief pitchers in baseball .

So, here are the pitchers I voted for today...

⚾ American League Relief Pitcher of the Year

#1... Zach Britton, Baltimore Orioles 

#2... Francisco Rodriguez, Detroit Tigers 

#3... Andrew Miller, New York Yankees / Cleveland Indians 

National  League Relief Pitcher from the Year

#1... Kenley Jansen, Los Angeles Dodgers 

#2... Jeurys Familia, New York Mets

#3... A.J. Ramos, Miami Marlins 

Thanks again to all of you who take time to read my blog... PLAY BALL!

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