Thursday, August 22, 2019

Tigers Vex Verlander/Collecting Cutch Doubles Up

Baseball is a funny game sometimes, and last night was one of those times, although I'm sure Justin Verlander isn't laughing.

The Astros ace, and former Detroit pitching legend, hurled a complete game two-hitter, striking out 11 batters, on Wednesday night...and lost, 2-1.

Those HRs were the only two hits of the night for the Tigers, both were solo homers, one in the 5th inning off the bat of Ronny Rodriguez in the 5th, and the other a no doubter blast of the bat of BIG John Hicks, were all the offense the boys from Motown needed.

👉 Hicks, a native of Goochland, Virginia, also homered off Verlander (also a Goochland native), last year in Houston.

I post the 2018 Topps Update HOT Pink Mother's Day parallel card of BIG John to let you know that we are less that 6 weeks from the 4th annual "Save Second Base" event held each October by our blogging buddy Collecting Cutch.

Cutch is holding a Preview and Contest post up on his blog... head over there to get the contest info, and, heck, you might just win a prize!

Kate Upton is a Astros pitchers wife now, which makes all us Tigers fans sad, so, in the spirit of Cutch's Contest, let's leave on a happy note.

Have a awesome day!

Play Ball! 🐯⚾️


  1. Thanks for plugging the contest.
    Thanks for supporting the cause and bringing awareness.
    Thanks for showing off a pink card.

    Don't forget to predict who you think will lead the NL in Doubles on my contest....

  2. You should have led off with Kate ;)