Saturday, August 17, 2019

Super Saturday, August 17, 2019

Today was quite the long day.

We have a ton of stuff to do as we get ready to move on Wednesday, and today was a nice break from all the pressure that we've been under the past few months.

My first stop was FanFare, our local card shop, to finish up Topps Baseball Card Day with the Vladamir Guerrero, Jr. card, FREE, with a $10.00 purchase of Topps products.

I bought two packs of 2019 Topps Heritage High Number, as well as some card pages.

Nothing special in the packs, but I did get a Tigers player in one of the packs.

🐯⚾️ Jody Mercer has had some big hits and a couple big home runs to win games for my Tigers this year, and I was happy to see him in the pack...he's headed to the card binder tomorrow.

Next up was the card show over on the West side of Kalamazoo.

                           "Kickoff Classic!"

I brought some cards to sell, accomplished what I needed to do to help our financial situation, and even had my favorite dealer toss in two cool Miguel Cantera relic cards.

I couldn't pass up these cards of the future Hall of Famer.

This was the inaugural Kalamazoo Card Show, and we have another one coming up in November, which, of course, I'll be attending, and, hopefully, be able to spend more time at.

                            " The Feast" 

After the show it was time for our annual church picnic, out on the Northside of Kalamazoo, at Markin Glen Park, and we indulged ourselves with grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, delicious baked beans, pasta salad, and tasty brownies and cookies with dessert.

👉 What really made the picnic is that we were allowed to bring our dog with us, and he thrived getting out and running around in all that green grass...and he ate two hot dogs!

I don't get out and around enough to do much with baseball cards, and so days like today are special to me and my Princess.

Until next time, thanks for reading my blog, It's much appreciated.



  1. Your dog must have been living it up! Nothing better than watching a happy dog enjoy life.

    P.S. Sweet Cabreras... especially that quad patch.

  2. Sounds like a great day! And I've wondered more than a few times if Cabrera would eventually make it to the HOF, I'm of the opinion that he will be, but I've seen a number of people on Twitter say otherwise -- I guess only time will tell.