Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Happy National Pickle Day!

I love pickles.

Today is National Pickle Day, a day to celebrate the awesome goodness of a sweet bread and butter pickle chip, or the crispy crunch of a hamburger dill.

Baseball is no stranger to the pickle! 

In honor of pickle day we celebrate by honoring the brief life of former big league catcher Pickles Dillhoefer.

William Martin Dillhoefer  made his big league debut on April 16, 1917 with the Chicago Cubs.

Pickles served in Word War I, reaching the rank of Seargent, and after returning from The Great War, played his final 3 seasons in the big leagues with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pickles played in just 247 big league games, batting .223, with 48 RBI.

On February 23, 1922, at the age of 27, Pickles passed away after contracting typhoid fever from complecations during surgery.

So, give Ole Pickles Dillhoefer a shout out today when you bite into that crunchy, delicious delight!

Play Ball!

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  1. One of the best nicknames in Cubs history... rather, baseball history! I have one of those strip cards too - except mine looks like it was cut by a toddler with safety scissors.

    Anyway, happy Pickle Day!