Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Freehan's Five Gold Gloves

As most of you know my favorite big league baseball player, ever, of all time, is Bill Freehan, catcher for the Detroit Tigers, from 1961, '63-76.

Before I started this blog I created Freehan's Five Gold Gloves.

The blog was started so I could write about baseball, Freehan, and the Tigers.

Sometime after that  I found Blogger, and decided to create this blog, John's Big League Baseball Blog.

John'a Big League Baseball Blog is mostly a general baseball blog, because I found so many blogs about the Tigers, it seemed better to write about the sport in general, it's history, players, teams, etc.

Freehan's Five Gold Gloves is so named because Freehan won FIVE CONSECUTIVE  Gold Glove Awards, from 1965-1969.

I'm going to begin to write about Freehan more and more on FFGG, posts such as a Freehan stat of the day, baseball card of the day, some articles, and news on my favorite player.

How many lifetime home runs did Bill Freehan hit in his 15 year career with the Tigers?

Find out over at FFGG and check out the site.

Thank You, and Play Ball!

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