Monday, November 22, 2010

Basball's Best

I enjoy watching old baseball stuff.

Stuff like old World Series clips, old TV programs, old Movie Tone reels, old, well, old anything that's about the great game of baseball.

I have begun to re watch Ken Burns "Baseball" again on the MLB Network.

I just never get tired of watching that stuff. 

So, I thought, why not start to write about the best of baseball? 

Players, Managers, teams, uniforms, ball caps, stadiums, logos, well, you get it.

Baseball has an un paralleled history in sports, and a lot of it, all the way back to the 1869 Cincinnati Red Legs, the first ever professional team.

So, lets get started with the Best Big League Ball Caps of All-Time.

#1...New York Yankees
#2...St.Louis Cardinals(Red Cap)
#3...Detroit Tigers(Home)
#4...Brooklyn/LA Dodgers
#5...Chicago Cubs(Blue)
#6...Milwaukee Braves
#7...Houston Colt 45's
#8...Baltimore Orioles(1970's)
#9...Washington Senators
#10...Montreal Expos  

We start by looking at the greatest ball cap ever, like 'em, or hate 'em, the Yankees. 

The winners of 28 World Series, the team once known as the Baltimore Orioles, and the new York Highlanders.

That NY stitched across the front of the blue cap, the most recognizable cap in big league history, worn by the Bambino, the Iron Horse, Joltin' Joe DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra, Reggie, Mattingly, and Derek Jeter.

The best cap in the National League belongs to the team with the most World Series Championships from the Senior Circuit, the St. Louis Cardinals. 

I love that STL entwined together on that red Cardinals cap, the cap of Musial, Gibson, Brock,and the Wizard of OZ. 
Ball Caps are a unique part of the National Pastime. 

Fans associate themselves with their teams head gear. That bright red of the Cards, or the baby blue of the Royals, to the fans, those caps are as important to their identity as anything in their lives.

For me, the Olde English "D" of the Detroit Tigers has been my identity since the late 1960's. When I put that Tigers cap on I'm putting on the cap of Kaline, Cobb, Gehringer, Kell, Greenberg, Trammell, and the same cap that was worn by my hero, Bill Freehan.

Now, I've listed the best ball caps, in my opinion, but what about you. What's your to caps in big league history?
No list is wrong, It's your list, your a fan, and fans make baseball what it is.

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