Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World Series Preview

The 106th Fall Classic will start tomorrow in San Francisco, as the Giants host the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers will be making their first ever appearance in the World Series, and the Giants will be in their third Series since moving to San Francisco, and their first since losing in 7 games to the Angels in 2002.

Now, I'll be picking a winner of the Series, but, in all honesty, I'll probably be wrong.

I had the Rays and The Phillies playing each other in a re-match from 2008, and that obviously didn't happen.

This will be a tremendous World Series to watch, because, simply, I don't have a team to root for, like my Detroit Tigers, or the Dodgers, whom I used to root for, unsuccessfully, against the Yankees, in the 1970's, and I don't have the Yankees to root against.

The ratings will take a beating because there are no big name teams in the Series, and I say that's just fine.

These two clubs played great baseball, especially the Giants, who don't have a superstar offensive player, and rely on heads up baseball, clutch hitting, and great pitching to win games.

The Rangers have the better offensive team, with guys like ALCS MVP Josh Hamilton, and 11 year veteran of the Rangers, Michael Young.

Both squads have great bullpens, and closers, as the Rangers will send out rookie Neftali Feliz, and the Giants will counter with Brian Wilson.

So, who's going to win?

Hey, I have no idea, but, I predict the Giants will win, in 6 games.


Hey, I thought the Phillies would beat down the Giants offensively, and in pitching performance, and I was wrong. 

The Giants shut down the Philadelphia hitters, and simply out pitched the Phillies staff.

The Giants have made all the right moves, as have the Rangers, and I see Cliff Lee winning two starts,  but unless the Series goes to 7 games, and Lee gets the start, then I don't think the Rangers will win.

But hey, what the heck do I know?

Just enjoy the World Series, The Fall Classic, and savor every moment of our National Pastime.

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