Friday, October 22, 2010

Baseball on the Web

I've found some very cool baseball fans,and their blogs, and I'd like to share a site every now and again.

Today we start with a fan who loves to imitate big league ball players batting stances.

Remember when you were a kid, and stepping up to the plate at the sandlot, or in a Little League game?

Did you go into the batters box and set up to hit by imitating your favorite ball player?

I did.

Bill Freehan was my hero, and I did everything the way that Big Bill did.

When I got in that box I stood exactly the way he did, and my routine before the pitch was the same, and my stance, and my swing were the same.

Freehan would get into the right handed side of box, and then he would...

take his back foot and grind it into the very back of the box...and then he would...

adjust his batting helmet, and then he would...

place his front foot down just about even with home plate, and then...

Freehan would take his bat and tap it onto the outside part of the right side of home home plate, making sure he had proper bat coverage, and then...

well, you get. it, I tried to hit like my hero.

If you remember how your favorite player would swing the bat, or how one of the greats of All-Time hit, then check him out o n the web at  The Batting Stance Guy 

He is great at re-creating old and new player batting stances.

Gar is just a great baseball fan, and I just enjoy watching him do his thing.

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