Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Suns Stanton powering his way though the Southern League

After the Florida Marlins played the Jacksonville Suns, their AA Affiliate, in a exhibition game at The Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville before the start of the 2010 season, Marlins manager Freddy Gonzalez told the fans that they better get to the ball park pretty quickly if they wanted to see Marlins prospect, and Suns outfielder Mike Stanton. Was Gonzalez ever right.
Stanton, who homered three times on Monday, has homered 5 times the last two games. and  leads the Southern League in home runs(9), runs batted in(20), total bases(52), and in slugging percentage(.483).

In that exhibition game on April 2nd, the Marlins all saw first hand what their former teammate could do, as Stanton hit a 2-run bomb off the Marlins number two pitcher, Rickey Nolasco, as the Suns beat Florida 4-3.

Stanton, the 6' 5", 235 lb. right fielder, is the first Suns player to hit three HR's in a game since Ryan Jones in 1999, and the first to have 7 RBI in a game since Jesse Ibara had eight in a game in 1997.

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