Thursday, August 19, 2021

Bill Freehan, 1941-2021

My hero passed away today.

             ( From the Detroit Tigers Twitter Page.)

Bill Freehan was the best catcher in Detroit Tigers history, and, since I first saw him play at Tiger Stadium in 1967, has been my All-Time favorite ballplayer.

Most of you know what Bill Freehan has ment to me, so I won't go into to much right now.

I'm hoping to get a series of posts together, maybe starting later today, about Bill, the accolades I've seen today, thoughts on his career, and, of course, his baseball cards.

Please remember his widow, Pat Freehan, and his family today, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks, again, for stopping by.

Rest in Peace, Bill Freehan. 


  1. It's always hard to lose a hero. Sorry for your loss, as well as those of the Freehan family and Tigers fandom.

  2. I feel for you. Like I said on Twitter, I've known that Freehan has been in hospice care for nearly three years, and going through something similar with my mother (although not nearly as long), I know how difficult it is on the family. So I'm sure his widow and family is relieved to have some closure. It must have been agonizing.

    My first Freehan card was his last one, from '76 Topps. I've always liked it.

  3. He was a great player. You were the first person I thought of when I heard of his passing.

  4. Saw the news on ESPN and immediately thought of you. :(