Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tigers Card Tuesday...Sweet Lou Whitaker

Today's Tigers Card Tuesday! is all about former second baseball Sweet Lou Whitaker! 

On Monday it was announced that Whitaker was officially on the 2020 Modern ERA Ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame, and Tigers fans are ready to help get him there.

On Twitter I asked that fans use the hashtag #SweetLouHOF in their posts, in support of Whitaker, and I've also seen #LouHOF2020 and #WhitakerHOF.

                  1985 Topps #480 Lou Whitaker 

1️⃣ Yes, "Sweet Lou" signed this card for me at a Spring Training game back in the 1980s.

The cool thing about the 1985 Topps cards is the TIGERS team banner and players name are all in the clubs colors.

🐯 How awesome is this baseball card as we see Lou turning one of his 1,527 double plays as a Tigers second baseman, just above that great Detroit Tigers logo!

The Modern Committee definitely has plenty of great ballplayers to choose from, including Dale Murphy, Tommy John, and Ted Simmons, with a player needing  75% of the 16 votes cast to be elected.

If you had a vote, what player, or players, would you elect from the Modern Ballot?

Here's to Sweet Lou joining 1984 teammates Alan Trammell and Jack Morris in Cooperstown!

Have a great week.

Play Ball! 🐯⚾️1️⃣


  1. He deserves to be enshrined. I'd vote for him, along with Simmons, Grich, Evans, and Miller.

  2. Sweet Lou will get in now that his buddies are in. I'm hoping Dave Parker gets in too.

  3. Marvin Miller is my top choice, as it's criminal that he isn't already in, but Whitaker is close behind. After that, I'd say Tommy John, Evans, and Parker in that order.

    Very disappointed that Bobby Grich and Luis Tiant aren't on the ballot this year.

    1. Both Grich and Tiant, especially Tiant, should get a good look next time.
      Thanks for participating!

  4. I'd go with Dave Parker, Tony Oliva, and Ted Simmons.