Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Topps National Baseball Card Day Checklist

Watching the Go GTS Live show last week I found the link to the checklist of the set of cards that will be given out by Topps on National Baseball Card Day on August 12th.

The only Detroit Tigers player in the set is RHP Justin Verlander.

All participating local baseball card shops will hand out FREE packs of cards, and any collector purchasing $10 or more at the card store will receive a special Mike Trout card.

The Trout card is card makes the set 30 cards...one for each big league ball club, but to get the Trout card you must make a purchase.

There are 11 autographed cards that are possible to pull, including, of course, the Yankees superstar rookie Aaron Judge.

Contact your local card shop for details.

Play Ball!

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