Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle...Costanza?

I love watching TV.

I love watching baseball on TV.

The two came together brilliantly on the comedy Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld, a real life New York Mets fan, incorporated his love of the Mets by wearing his Mets cap on the show, talking about the Mets infield on the NY Subway...with a naked guy, and becoming friends with Mets 1st Baseman Keith Hernandez.

This is my favorite Seinfeld episode ever, where Jerry meets the former Mets player, and the reaction he gets from Kramer and Newman.

Another classic baseball themed Seinfeld has Elaine, from Baltimore, getting thrown out of a game at Yankee Stadium because she wore her Orioles cap in the owners box seats.

Some of the best of all the baseball Seinfeld shows involved George Costanza, from his inability of get Keith Hernandez to go to the unemployment office to help him, to George's years as the Yankees assistant to the travelling secretary.

I'm a sports fan member over at the web site Fan IQ.com and once wrote this quiz on baseball and Seinfeld.

Today Seinfeld was honored as the #1 Comedy of All-Time on TV, a poll done by a 60 Minuets/Vanity Fair Magazine poll.

Over at JoeSportsFan.com they have compiled a list of every New York connected baseball person to appear or be mentioned on Seinfeld.

Thanks to Jimmy Trania and his daily Hot Clicks post for the link to Joe Sports fan and for continuing to write about the world of sports and it's unusual side every day on SI.com.

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