Monday, April 23, 2012

Yankees or Highlanders?

With the celebration of Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary, and the Red Sox playing the New York Yankees last weekend, Kieth Olbermann, who's quite the baseball fan, and writes a baseball blog on, The Baseball Nerd , has a great series of articles on the Yankees/Highlanders nickname.

The Red Sox opened Fenway Park on April 20, 1912, hosting the New York Highlanders.

Or, was it the New York Yankees?

Olbermann has dug up some interesting stuff on the Highlanders/Yankees name, check it out.


  1. Did u see that sox and yanks game where sox were winning 9-0 and yanks scored 15 unanswered runs in a period of 5 innings to win the game?

  2. Yes. In baseball you never know. 27 outs.