Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cool blogs to follow...Eephus League

I'm always looking for baseball sites that use baseball history as their backdrop.

Baseball history, as I've stated many times, is my favorite thing to read about, weather it's of the written book or magazine variety, or on the web.

Today while is was on my Twitter page, I came across a terrific baseball site that is full of all kinds of cool baseball stuff.

It's Eephus League  and believe me you're gonna love it.

As I said, I was led to the site today while on Twitter.

The post was on something on of their writers, Bethany Heck 
Blow is an example of the cool things you'll find on the site, a collection of the team mascots from 1956, from a book for Little League kids.

Look at these old logos.

The first one on row one looks like one of 'Dem Bums of the Brooklyn Dodgers doesn't it?
Check out the Tigers logo. 

It's a very friendly kitty, which the Tigers were way to many times in the 1950's.

I love the Giants art. The ball player is truly a giant.

The Reds logo caught my eye. Takes you back to the old Redlegs days of early baseball.

The Eephus League site is another example of the un matched love of baseball's past and it's fans.

I hope you check it out.

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