Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mr. Tiger

Today we celebrate the birthday of the greatest right fielder to ever play for the Detroit Tigers, Mr. Tiger, Al Kaline.

Kaline patrolled the right field corner of Briggs and Tiger Stadium like he owned the place.

He did.

Possessing he best arm in baseball, Kaline ruled American League outfield's of the 1950's and 60's with reckless abandon, making great diving catch after great diving catch.

Many a base runner tested the rocket arm of Kaline, ending up wondering how the kid from Baltimore got to a ball that was a sure double, throwing them out at second base with a precise throw from "Kaline's Corner."

You can look up all of Al Kaline's stat's here, including his 3,007 hits, but what gave him the place in our hearts, what set him apart from other players, was simply that Kaline, each and ever day, was his grace and dignity.

Al Kaline loved playing baseball, and he love the Tigers, their fans, and he loved the City of Detroit.

Baseball fans in the Motor City took that skinny kid from Baltimore and made them one of their own, and for that, Kaline gave his heart and soul to the game he loved.

Every pitch, every play, every at bat, every day, every game,

                                      Happy Birthday Mr. Tiger.   

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