Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Tigers Card Tuesday- Go Vote!

Today is Election Day across America, and I hope that you're going to exercise your Right To Vote!, no matter if you're a Blue, Red, Purple, or Green voter.

🗳 The Contemporary Era ballot was released yesterday, and once again, I really don't understand how these ballots are made up.

The Contemporary Era is supposed to consist of players from 1980, and after, yet, Lou Whitaker, the 1978 American League Rookie of the Year, isn't on the ballot. 

🐅⚾️ Lou played for the Tigers from 1977-95, was the best 2nd Baseman in the A.L. during the majority of the time, and his record setting teammate 
Alan Trammell, is already in the HOF.

The HOF/BBWAA continue to infuriate, baffle fans, but at least voters got it right in voting for Whitaker as the ROY in 1978.

🎖 Lou received all 21 First Place votes, beating out some guy named Paul Molitor, who got 3 votes, and is also in the HOF.

Topps certainly got it right when they came out with card #704, 1978 Rookie 2nd Baseman, however...

...why is Lou's 1979 Topps card missing the Rookie Cup logo?🏆

As far as the 2022 ROY, I'd go with Mariners Rookie CFer Julio Rodriguez.

⚾️ Well, I'll be heading out soon to vote, and, as I mentioned at the start, no matter what your opinions are, please go out and vote, it's very important that our voices are heard! 

🌞 It's a beautiful day here in SW Michigan, high in the mid 50s, and I hope you are having a good weather day were you are.

It's officially Hot Stove time in baseball, and, remember, it's always gonna be a great time to go out and Play BALL! ⚾️

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