Friday, May 12, 2017

Derek Jeter Week... My Final Vote for #Jeets16 Bracket

This week the folks at Cut 4 @ have been asking fans to vote for the most iconic moment in the 20 year career of Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

I've been voting all week on Twitter, and today I voted on the Final choice...

                                                                             "THE JEET 16"

To me, if you walk up to me ask ask what you'd say was Derek's most memorable play or moment in his career, I'd tell you it's " The Flip."

The walk-off base hit in his final at bat is right there, and I get why fans would vote for it, or the "Mr. November" home run, or Derek's HR for his 3,000th career base hit, but for me, that play in Oakland in the playoffs is the #1 play.

That play, "The Flip," came when the Yankees, down two games to none against the Athletics in the ALDS were in need of a huge play, and their Captain, their leader, Derek Jeter, was there to make that play.

The Yankees are retiring the #2 uniform number that Derek wore from 1995 until his final game in 2014, and I'll be right there in front of the TV on Sunday Night to watch the ceremonies.

I'm sure you'll be there as well.

Play Ball!

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