Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Mailbox...Thanks Johnny!

Today's mailbox brings the reward of being in a pick 'em contest from Johnny's Trading Post..

First I have to say that I wasn't a good participating member of this contest, having forgotten that I'd actually agreed to being in it.

My health kept me out of touch, and I didn't even know the game had started.

Johnny sent out an S.O.S. for me, and defgav hit me up with a Twitter message to find out if I was still around, and I thank him for that.

Upon getting myself back into the game I was able to chose #11.

My pick, which luckily went without being stolen by another player in the game, resulted in this amazing card! 

I don't know how many times over the past few year that I've come across blogs that have featured baseball cards that I never knew existed, and this card qualifies in that category.

I also didn't realizehow big the card's like getting an oversized postcard.

My team, the Detroit Tigers, have appeared in 11 World Series over their 118 year of playing baseball in the American League, and have won the World's Championship 4 times, 1935, 1945, 1968, and 1984.

In 1945, World War II was winding down with the defeat of Nazi Germany in May of 1945, and as the summer of baseball continued into the summer, the Tigers got back there premier power hitter, Hank Greenberg, on July 1st.

The team rode the back of Hammerin' Hank to the A.L. Pennant, and a triumph over the Cubs in the Series.

Thanks again to Johnny for the contest, and the great card, it's very much appreciated, that's for sure.

Play Ball! 🐯⚾️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Attic All-Stars

The vintage, old school baseball card master, Cards From The Attic, is at it again, and card collectors and baseball fans will be having a fantastic weekend leading up to the 2018 Big League All-Star Game with another  contest full of awesome giveaways.

If you're on Twitter go follow Cards from the Attic, and enjoy all the magic of  old school Topps All-Star Baseball Cards.

All you have to do to get involved is to VOTE on which All-Star cards you prefer, in a bracket style contest.

Collectors pick their favorite cards, and interact with each other throughout the contests, and, hey, you might just come out with some old school cards to add to your collections!

When you post about the cards, use the hashtag #AtticAllStars to share your comments with the group, and make sure to re-tweet the contests to your followers...the more the group grows, the better!

Oh, and by the way... how about a chance to WIN  Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays cards during the contest!

Say Hey! ..... PLAY BALL! ⚾️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Baseball Birthday....Yadier Molina is a Hall of Fame Catcher

Happy Baseball Birthday! to future Hall of Fame St. Louis Cardinals  backstop Yadier Molina, who turns 36 today.

Off and on this week on Twitter I've seen this debate about weather or not he's a HOF baseball player.

The fact that this is even a debate is ridiculous... Yadi Molina is a HOF catcher...period. 

This debate, as do most these days about baseball, include dumb analytics scribes trying to use their mathematical nonsense to make Molina look like he's just another guy who squatted behind home plate for 15 years, and not the BEST CATCHER in his generation.

I watch baseball, I don't cruch numbers, or come up with crazy, nonsensical data, I just watch games, as I've done since I can remember, and Yadi Molina is as good as any catcher in the 52 years that I've been a fan.

That doesn't mean that he's Johnny Bench, or Bob Boone, or Pudge Fisk, or Pudge Rodriguez, or even Mike Matheny, his current means that he's Yadi, a man who's career speaks for itself...

15 seasons
9 Time All-Star 
1,700+ games caught
4 Platinum Glove Awards
.995 Lifetime Fielding Percentage 

The thing I read the most abouf when anti Molina HOF posts are written, it's about his offense..

.284 average
1,790 hits
134 HRs 
824 RBI

When does collecting around 2,000 hits and close to 1,000 RBI with a batting average over .280 (he plans on playing until 2020), not be good enough with all he did behind the plate?

The Cardinals have won 90+ games with Molina catching games 7 times, they played in 9 playoffs, 4 World Series, and won the Series twice, in 2006, and 2011.

Baseball is, in its core, not just numbers in one area of play, or another, that you judge a player, it's about the complete game that player possessed in his career.

When I watched the Cardinals play baseball the past 15 years, I automatically
thought about Yadier Molina and how he would affect the game defensively, because, after all, that's the #1 job of a catcher, to call each pitch, to guide his pitcher through each hitter, to control the running game of the opponent.

Yadier Molina will be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and he deserves it.

Happy Baseball Birthday! Yadi Molina... PLAY 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My Mailbox...1960 Topps Detroit Tigers Team Card

This My Mailbox post is to thank Cards From The Attic for making this old Tigers fan very happy by sending me this 1960 Topps Detroit Tigers Team Card. 

Up until it arrived last week, I had never held a '60 Tigers Team Card in my was a joyous day that I wasn't sure would ever happen.

Being born in 1960 I always wanted, one day, to complete an entire set of Tigers cards from that Topps set, and this is a great addition.

One of the best things going on over on Twitter is Cards From The Attic and his awesome giveaways  and contests.

If you're a tweeter, follow the account, and enjoy the 4th of July by talking vintage baseball cards along with your barbeques, ball games, and fireworks...It will be worth your time!


Sunday, June 24, 2018

THANKS Bob Walk The Plank

I just saw the post by Matthew that he is retiring his terrific card blog, Bob Walk The Plank.

As a older baseball fan who remembers watching Bob Walk pitch in the big leagues in the 1980s, I absolutely clicked on Bob Walk The Plank link that first time I came across it...and it should automatically go into the Baseball Blog NAME HALL OF FAME!

 I just wanted to publicly say THANK YOU! for the past five years, and I think I can speak for the entire blogging community when I say the blog will be missed.

I've never had children, but I applaud any man for putting his family first.

Thanks, Matt, and I'll see you on Twitter.

Raise the Jolly Roger! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Justin Verlander K's Ohtani for 2,500th Career Strikeout

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander reached another milestone in his magnificent 14 year career when he K'd Angels rookie phenom Shohei Ohtani for his 2,500 th big league strike out Wednesday night.

Verlander blew Ohtani away in the 9th inning to become the 33rd hurler in the big leagues to strike out at least 2,500 batters.

Verlander was masterful against the Angels, and after his complete game shutout his big league leading ERA is now at 1.05.

Topps Now has issued this card commemorating Verlander's milestone...

...the card is only available for 24 hours.... you can order the card here.

My All-Time favorite pitcher just keeps getting better and better.

Play Ball! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Happy Baseball Birthday! Miguel Cabrera

As we prepare ourselves for today's Detroit Tigers game against the Baltimore Orioles we send out Happy Baseball Birthday! wishes to the great Miguel Cabrera, born 35 years ago in Maracay, Venezuela.

Miggy is in his 11th season wearing the Olde English D, and with every at bat, hit, home run, he takes one step closer to re writing the Tigers record book.

Miggy has 1,806 hits, 325 homers, and 1,099 RBI, with a .318 batting average playing in Detroit.

Miggy sits just 37 home runs away from 500 in his career, and needs just 352 base hits to the magical 3,000 plateau.

Let's hope Miggy adds to those numbers today against the Birds.

Happy Baseball Birthday! MIGGY!


Monday, April 16, 2018

My Jackie Robinson Day on Topps BUNT

I entered the Jackie Robinson Day contest on Topps BUNT yesterday, and although I only finished 1,313, (out of 6,212 total players) I was rewarded with a cool card of the Brooklyn Dodgers HOF shortstop.

If I could've scored just 314 more points...I blame the horrible weather that cancelled games all over the Midwest... I would've been in the top 1,000 players, and gotten a "better" card, but I'm happy with the fact that I was able to add a card of Jackie Robinson to my digital  card collection.

If you're on Topps BUNT, give me a follow...maybe we can make some trades, I'm logged on everyday, just look for FREEHANFAN11. 

Although my Detroit Tigers were rained out of a doubleheader yesterday, I enjoyed watching baseball on TV, especially the battle between Bartolo Colon and Justin Verlander on Sunday Night Baseball.

I hope you all had a great weekend, thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

Play Ball! ⚾️ 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cardboard Chaos...It's Down to Four

The awesome power of  baseball card collectors and fans of baseball in general has hit Twitter with the bracket challenge Cardboard Chaos, and after nearly three weeks of fierce competition fans have chosen their four favorite baseball card sets.

Card collectors have tweeted out and voted for cards from their childhood, cards that changed the hobby, cards that came with bubble gum, were included in packs of cigarettes, boxes of cereal, cards that came with a Grand Slam Breakfast, and cards that came on the sides of boxes of cup cakes...heck, they even voted for their favorite cards of the last two Presidents of the United States. 

Using the hashtag #CardboardChaos the voting has come down to one weekend of collectors votes...

                                                  1952 Topps Baseball 


                                                    1956 Topps Baseball 


                                                     1965 Topps Baseball 


 1989 Upper Deck Baseball 

The man behind this phenomenon is Kevin, who has run #CardboardChaos on his Twitter page Cards From The Attic.

Baseball fans and collectors were also rewarded for their participation, with prize packs of old baseball cards for spreading the word about the contest...the more you took part, re-tweeted posts, voted, and interactively took part, the better your chance to win a great package of cards.

I even got into the fun, and created a Day game vs Night games poll after seeing these delicious treats at the store.

The night games won, with a few write in votes for the "double header!"

Saturday night the semifinals will commence...if you haven't yet come across all the fun, well, it's not to's gonna be lots of fun...and there's most certainly more prizes to be had.

If you're on Twitter and love baseball cards, come join all the fun and excitement!

Play #CardboardChaos !!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trying To Be Better

Today I ran across this post from Julie of A Cracked Bat.

That post gave me pause to think about how I've failed at being a good blogger, and it's something I need to change.

The main problem that I have is my health, a very detrimental thing in my life, and that detriment at times causes problems with the blog.

Officially this is post number 898...but I have started and failed to finish hundreds of posts, for many reasons, mainly from my arthritis.

So many times I've received packages from bloggers, and because I was to ill to post that day, I set the package aside...sometimes for days...and then when I'd try to post about it, I had to stop again....and again.

I should've worked through it, but I didn't, and to all those who were affected, I truly apologize to you all.

So many times I've written a post to talk about a baseball topic of the day, a Happy Baseball Birthday! , baseball cards my wife bought me, a trade that I made, or something I won on Twitter, only to have to stop because of my arthritis.

I'm hoping for a much better effort on my part in 2018.

Speaking of birthdays, a belated #HappyBaseballBirthday goes out to James of BDJ6010's Topps Baseball Card Blog.

In Julie's post I mentioned that I had made exactly one trade on Twitter. .

...that 2014 Topps Miguel Cabrera Black Border card was traded to me by Jenny of Jenny's Card Collecting.

This Miguel Sano card went her way...

...I actually pulled the Sano card from a retail pack my wife picked up for me, although it took a few days for me to realize I has a SP card...

...can you imagine...a Tigers fan trading with a Twins fan...amazing!

Give Jenny's blog a follow, and, if you're on Twitter, give her a follow there as well.

Well, that's it for now...until next time... PLAY BALL! ⚾️