Friday, May 5, 2017

30 Day Baseball Card Challenge... Day 18

Day 18 of the 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge is a baseball card of a player who later became manager of your favorite team.

There are many ways, as a Detroit Tigers fan, to go here.

Ty Cobb, Mickey Cochrane, Mayo Smith, Sparky Anderson, Phil Garner, Buddy Bell, and Alan Trammell all became manager of the Tigers after playing in the big leagues.

I decided to go with the current coach of the boys from the Motor City, former big league catcher Brad Ausmus and his 1999 Topps #304 card.

I really like this 1999 Topps card because the Olde English D home uniform and baseball cap are up front, and the gold edging on the card makes it look like a portrait.

Ausmus played 18 years in the big leagues, including two stints with my Tigers.

I have been critical of Ausmus in the past, mostly early last year when the team was really struggling after a miserable 2015 season.

The Tigers recovered well after that rough start, and had it not been to numerous injuries to key players I believe they would've played in the playoffs.

Up next in the challenge is a favorite card from outside the United States.... Play Ball!

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  1. Ausmus is a fair manager. I really want to see him succeed. We are off to another difficult year with so many injuries early on giving us a rather ugly outfield right now. I can't believe some of the plays I've seen. Any other team and I'd be laughing!