Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Baseball Card of the Day... 1983Topps Tony Gwynn

Today would've been the 57th Happy Baseball Birthday! of former big league outfielder Tony Gwynn, and to celebrate I've made my 1983 Topps #482 Tony Gwynn RC today's Baseball Card of the Day. 

What's great about this Gwynn RC is that I've had it since I pulled it out of a pack of '83 Topps... in 1983.

The '83 Topps set is one of the best cards that Topps have produced, with that great action shot of Tony and the player portrait in the lower left hand corner, and the card back is crisp and clear, easy to read.

I've been watching today's Rangers vs Padres game today on the MLB Network,  and they are using the Padres TV broadcast of the game, allowing us to hear some great stories about Tony on his Birthday.

Never had the opportunity to watch Tony Gwynn play baseball in person, but I enjoyed him as a baseball fan through many games on TV, reading stories and box scores in newspapers, and collecting his baseball cards.

Tony was also a pretty good baseball analyst on TV, and I, like many millions of other fans, got to see him working  with the ESPN and Baseball Tonight crews over the years.

Today we celebrate the too short, but magnificent life of Baseball Hall of Fame player, husband, father, and coach, the great Tony Gwynn. 


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